Boon Hong Seto

Vladimir was our photographic guide on our photosafari tour of Lake Baikal in March 2017.Our group consist of participants from Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. We were very lucky to have Vladimir as our guide.Not only is he a passionate photographer, he is also friendly, reliable and ever very helpful throughout the tour. He has excellent local knowledge of the best photographic spots & also the right timing to catch the "golden hour". On one of the nights, Vladimir conducted a "mini" workshop whereby all participants was encouraged to put up 2 of their photos taken so far for comments...it was a great way to learn from fellow photographers together with constructive criticism & picking up some tips & tricks.Besides photography, Vladimir also introduced us to the local cuisine & culture & we had opportunity for people's photography as well.I would without hesitation recommend Vladimir as a guide to photographers & non photographers alike because I know for sure he will perform his duties very well. Dr.Boon Hong Seto BDS, MSC ( Sydney).FRACDS. Australia.
Brian Chen
https://www.facebook.com/brianchenny Vladimir guided our small photography group (consisting of 6 participants) in Lofoten, Norway in January 2018. He was knowledgeable about locations (where to shoot, including specific spots to get interesting angles) and timing (when to shoot to get good lighting). Vladimir was enthusiastic, accommodative and patient to the participants’ requests to shoot or reshoot certain locations, for example, taking long drive to a location and staying up long hours in the brutal cold wind to shoot northern lights. Vladimir has good photography technical knowledge and gladly shares them without hesitation. Vladimir cooks well too. The tour was meant to have participants preparing own meals. However, Vladimir volunteered to cook most of the meals for the whole group. They were delicious. I will not hesitate to join Vladimir photography tours in the future. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5-stars) recommendation.
Rowena Baker

Vladimir was our guide for Lake Baikal and then onwards we booked another photography tour to the mystical Kamchatka. We have become friends and find it easy to converse with Vladimir as he speaks good English. Therefore to share a joke or two is not lost on him. It is easy to leave the logistics and ground handling to Vladimir as he has the experience and that makes our holiday a lot less taxing. He has been our translator, guide, confidante and friend. We keep in touch on a regular bases now and will be accompanying Vladimir to Namibia in two weeks time. Vladimir is well travelled and not just the expert in Russia. I would not hesitate to use Vladimir's expertise as he is a well seasoned traveller and will take good care of our well being. Do not hesitate - you are traveling with the best!
Aaron Chua

Vladimir hosted me twice, and on both trips, he gave me lasting impressions that he is a guide that always goes out of the way to get things going. Be it from getting us out from a Murmansk village in a raging snow storm (via a local heavy duty truck) and driving us in the cold in Lofoten to catch the elusive miss Aurora. Vladimir has a good disposition and very resourceful. He not only cook us delicious meals, but also taught us picture taking and editing techniques. Both experiences I had were wonderful, and given a chance, I won’t hesitate to join another future trip that is hosted by him.
Farizul Zulkifli

I have been following Vladimir's photography and was taken in with the beauty and originality of the places he visits. It was a matter of time that I decided to join him on site and see for myself the world thru his eyes.
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